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Welcome to Pinnacle Performance

When you walk through the door and sense the energy in the building, you become drawn to the team and their vision. It’s a family with the same passion for athletic and personal development. 


The Pinnacle team is comprised of highly educated, certified, and motivated coaches. With backgrounds in multiple professional and Olympic sports, they have a diverse skill set that pairs well with athletes of all ages and backgrounds. 


Are you striving to reach the Pinnacle of your Performance? Looking for a team of individuals who will prioritize your needs? Your goals become our passion, with a relentless pursuit to unlock your potential. It’s time to achieve new heights. Let’s hit the ignition together and begin the climb! 

The Facility

Our facility is equipped with the resources necessary to launch your career to the next level. A full scale Olympic weight room, 50 yard turf runway, performance technology, and rehab essentials await your arrival. The lobby houses nutrition products including our own private label, nutrient dense PowerButter line. Adjoined next to our sport specific suite that utilizes K-Motion 3D movement screening, our athletes are impacted by the benefits of a true comprehensive training center. 

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