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Pinnacle Wellness now offers 1 on 1 nutrition consultations with our Precision Nutrition certified expert. The goal is to build a solid foundation of sustainable nutrition habits, such as :

Planning, Prioritizing, and Preparing

Plan & prepare to help yourself take action towards your goals.

Prioritize time figuring out HOW you will take action.

Matching Energy Intake for Needs & Goals

Having appropriate energy balance is important for overall health, body composition, performance, and recovery.

Choosing Higher Quality Foods More Often

Add more whole, minimally processed foods.

Experiment, upgrade, and explore to reduce possibility of “interest plateau” and stay in command of nutritional skills and knowledge!

Resting & Recovering 

Good recovery generally involves some combination of :

- GETTING enough sleep and sleeping well.

- ACTIVATING the “rest & digest” system to balance "fight or flight” system.

USING nutrition to further make recovery more effective.


Pinnacle Performance has partnered up with UpDog Smoothies & Juices. At Pinnacle Performance we aim to help all our athletes get the best source of nutrients to help reach all of their goals. Pinnacle now offers a variety of UpDog Juices & Wellness Shots, and most specifically our *seasonal* Pinnacle Juice. All juices are Cold-Pressed & All Organic & Natural, Gluten-Free and Vegan. The Pinnacle Juice consists of 100% Juice and the organic ingredients of : watermelon, beet, apple, mint and lime. Our selected variety of juices can be found and purchased in our Lobby, or at UpDog locations.

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